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NSP Multi Enzyme Cocktail Enzyme Brown Yellow For Growing Pig

NSP Multi Enzyme Cocktail Enzyme Brown Yellow For Growing Pig

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    NSP cocktail enzyme


    Multi Enzyme cocktail enzyme


    NSP multi complex enzyme

  • Type
    Feed Compounded Enzymes
  • Usage
    100grams/ton - 1kg/ton
  • Color
    Depends On The Formulation
  • Other Names
    Cocktail Feed Enzymes
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  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001-2015, FSSC22000,FAMI-QS, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER
  • Model Number
    Powder and Granule
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  • Packaging Details
    25kg plastic bags , 20/25kg fiber drums
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
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NSP Multi Enzyme Cocktail Enzyme Brown Yellow For Growing Pig

Growing Pig Specialized Multi-enzymes


Description of Growing Pig Specialized Multi-enzymes

Growing pig specialized multi-enzyme is a new type of multi-enzyme preparation developed by Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd on the basis of growing pig’s digestive physiology characteristics, feed resources and current formula situation. It is produced through advanced liquid submerged fermentation and stabilizing treatment, containing various kinds of enzymes, degrading NSP in feed effectively, thus improving feed utilization and reducing cost dramatically.


The digestive physiology characteristics of Growing Pig

1. Chyme stays longer in acidic gastrointestinal tract of growing pig. Microorganisms existing in large intestine have certain fermentation ability.

2. Endogenous digestive enzymes of growing pig are enough due to the mature digestive tract, but non-starch polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes cannot be secreted by growing pig, such as xylanase, beta-glucanase, mannanase, cellulose, etc.

3. Stress and abundant use of non-conventional feed raw materials tend towards the imbalance of micro-ecology environment in digestive tract and the shortage of endogenous digestive enzymes (e.g. protease, amylase). These finally cause the swine indigestion.


Feed characteristics of growing pig feed

1. Material is relatively simple; usually it is corn-soybean meal feed.

2. Use of miscellaneous meals is lesser than poultry feed.

3. Great difference in material choice exists between large-scale farm households and free-range farmers.

4. Broad use of rice bran and wheat bran brings high content of NSP anti- nutritional factor.


Product characteristics

1. Pertinence

2. Reasonably match proportion of different single enzyme according to the digestive physiology characteristic and formula status quo of pigwash, thus enhancing the utilization of non-conventional feed.

3. High efficiency

One of the main enzymes, xylanase, which contains endo-xylanse of high activity, can take effect more rapidly and decompose the substrates more thoroughly. Other enzymes, through the optimum combination, also have high efficiency.

4. Advancement

Adopting advanced liquid submerged fermentation and stabilizing treatment with one-upped genetic engineering stain.

5. Stability

Multi-enzyme has good stability during transportation and storage, high thermostability after coated processing and a smaller activity loss during pelleting.


Product functions

1. High viscidity of viscous polysaccharide is the main factor to influence intestinal tract function of monogastric animal. NSP enzyme degrades NSP to lower the content viscosity of intestine and improve the digestibility and absorption of feed nutrients.

2. NSP is the main component of plant cell wall. Cells content (protein, starch and fat, etc.) can be completely liberated through wall-breaking by NSP multi-enzyme, thus improving the nutrient digestibility.

3. NSP enzymes can degrade NSP of diet into oligosaccharides. Some oligosaccharides can participate in immune adjustment to enhance the immunity and health level of pigs.

4. Increasing utilization ratio of feed energy (digestible energy and metabolizable energy), reducing feed costs, and increasing use of non-conventional feed stuff, especially the proportion of miscellaneous meals.


Application effects

Experiment 1 Effects of adding Growing pig specialized multi-enzyme (Corn-soybean meal type) to corn-soybean meal diet on growing pig

The experimental animals: Choose 90 healthy growing pigs of 35kg weight and randomly divide into 3 groups, 3 repetitions per group, and 10 pigs for each repetition. Formal trail period is 42 days.

control group: basic diet group (ME:3179kcal/kg)

Negative control: Low-energy diet group(ME:3129kcal/kg)

Experimental group: Negative control+200g/T growing pig specialized multi-enzyme

NSP Multi Enzyme Cocktail Enzyme Brown Yellow For Growing Pig 0


Package and Storage

Packaging: 25kg/bag; liquid : 30kg per plastic barrel.

Store in original package under sealed, room temperature condition for 12 months to solid form, and 6 months to liquid form (less than 25 ).

Avoid to be exposed to the sun, rain, high temperature and high humidity.



Certification and Factory

ISO9001-2015, ISO22000, FSSC22000,FAMI-QS, HALAL, KOSHER