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Enzymatic Lipase Powder 50,000-200,000 Microbe Fermentation Lipase Enzyme

Enzymatic Lipase Powder 50,000-200,000 Microbe Fermentation Lipase Enzyme

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    Enzymatic Lipase Powder


    Microbe Fermentation Lipase Enzyme


    9001-62-1 Enzymatic Lipase Powder

  • Color
  • Activity
  • Form
  • Type
    Enzyme Preparations,Nutrition Enhancers,Food Addictive
  • Product Name
    Lipase Enzyme,CAS 9001-62-1 Lipase Powder
  • Shelf Life
    12 Months
  • Sample
  • Application
    Food Addtive,Health-care Products,feed Additive
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
    ISO9001-2015, FSSC22000,FAMI-QS, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER
  • Model Number
    Industrial, Feed, Food Grade
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    25kg two layers polyethylene bag; 30kg/Plastic barrel
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  • Payment Terms
    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Enzymatic Lipase Powder 50,000-200,000 Microbe Fermentation Lipase Enzyme

High Performance Enzymatic Lipase Powder 50,000-200,000 Microb Fermentation Lipase Enzyme

Biodiesel Specialized Lipase


Biodiesel Specialized Lipase is developed by Habio for enzyme-mediated production of biodiesel with modern genetic engineering, microbe fermentation and advanced post-process technology, which can catalyze esterification and transesterification of biodiesel prodection efficiently and these have many advantages over traditional chemical methods: moderate reaction conditions, lower alcohol to oil ratio, more choices of oil substrates, less by-products, easier product recovery, and environmental friendly.

Enzymatic Lipase Powder 50,000-200,000 Microbe Fermentation Lipase Enzyme 0

Product Characteristics

1. High activity of esterification and transesterification brings high reaction rate.

2. Excellent thermostability and high enzyme activity at 30℃ to 70℃.

3. A wide pH range of activity. High enzyme activity under pH 2.5 to 11.5 helps Habio lipase play a better role in different reaction environments.

4. High stability to methanol and phospholipids, can be recycled repeatedly.

5. Broad substrate specificity, capable of handling a variety of oils and fats, and guarantee a higher biodiesel yield.

6. Compared with the immobilized lipase, the liquid lipase has cost advantages, lower unit price also reduces the cost of risk.

7. Optimal genetic engineering strain, advanced production technology of liquid submerged fermentation and unique post-processing lead steady quality and exellent capability.


Specification and Usage

Name Lipase
Activity 50,000-200,000
Definition of Activity One unit of lipase is defined as the quantity of enzyme, which liberates 1μmol of titritable fatty acids from olive oil substrate at 40 and pH7.5 in 1min.
Specification Powder
Recommended Usage

Applicable to weaned piglets, growing pigs, poultry, etc.

Recommended additive amount: 100-300g/T in complete feed.


Packing and storage

Packaging: 30kg/barrel

Store under sealed, room temperature condition for 6 months (less than 25)

Avoid to be exposed to the sun, rain, high temperature and high humidityEnzymatic Lipase Powder 50,000-200,000 Microbe Fermentation Lipase Enzyme 1


Technical Service

Supply lipase formula, activity test and other technical service related to the product to ensure high efficiency.


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