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Habio Lipozyme Enzyme Feed Additive For Animal Skin Condition

Habio Lipozyme Enzyme Feed Additive For Animal Skin Condition

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    Lipozyme enzyme feed additive


    Habio enzyme feed additive


    Habio Lipozyme

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    Enzyme Additive
  • Appearance
    Straw Yellow
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    Improve Animal Health
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    FAMI-QS, ISO22000,ISO9001,FSSC22000
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    USD/ 5-20USD/KG
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    25kg/Plastic woven bag
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    5-10work days
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T
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Habio Lipozyme Enzyme Feed Additive For Animal Skin Condition

Habio Lipase Lipozyme Adding lipase into feed will improve animal skin condition




Lipozyme is the specialized enzyme product positioned on solving digestion and utilization efficiency of feed fat all sidedly. It’s developed by Sichuan Habio Bioengineering Co., Ltd with bioengineering leading technologies and core processing technique. Lipozyme adopts biochemical enzymatic reaction, innovated traditional physical process of digestion and utilization, promote digestive and utilized rate-limiting step of feed fat under precondition of stable under thermal and acidic environment.


Characters of Lipozyme:


1 Lipozyme adopt biochemical enzymatic reaction style to promote utilization efficiency of fat and extra fat in feed stuff, optimize feed formula, lower costs and improve feed quality.


2 Lipozyme improves animal digestive and absorptive system environmentally friendly. The heavy burdens of digestive system will be reduced because fat is digested and utilized more efficiently. By this way, it reduces multiple diseases that may be induced by digestive and absorptive obstacles.


3 The HTHP (high temperature high pressure) environment is the main obstacle to service efficiency of enzyme preparation in feed processing. Habio modern biotechnologies can ensure Lipozyme biological action and superiority of enzyme.


4 Habio has top liquid submerged fermentation and advanced post-process technology, which fully eliminate the safety risk of unstable quality by making the Lipozyme stable under acidic and hot circumstance.


Habio Lipozyme Enzyme Feed Additive For Animal Skin Condition 0

Habio Lipozyme Enzyme Feed Additive For Animal Skin Condition 1


Application of Lipozyme to different animals




This trial was divided into seven treatments. Groups based on different energy level of feedstuff were normal (PC), -50kcal/kg (NC1), -100kcal/kg (NC2), -150kcal/kg (NC3). Add Lipozyme 200g/t in lower energy groups. The normal energy group kept usual feed energy level of birkin chicken (2.9kcal/kg for prior period and 3.05kcal/kg for later). 8 repetitions were done for each treatment and 12 Kebao meat-type rooster for each repetition.

The trial was carried in the testing field of Animal Nutrition Institute Sichuan Agricultural University. It started from Nov. 31, 2010 and finished on Jan. 11, 2011. The trial period are 42 days




(1) With the lowering of energy level in feedstuff, the weight of poultry bring down obviously. Add Lipozyme into feedstuff can improve the weight of poultry. The weight kept with the level of PC group (normal) when adding Lipozyme into NC1 group (-50kcal/kg).


(2) With the decreasing of energy level in feedstuff, feed/gain (F/G) will increase obviously. Adding Lipozyme into feedstuff can improve utilization rate of feed, lower F/G. In NC1 group (-50kcal/kg), the F/G was not influenced after adding Lipozyme but reached the normal level of group (PC).


(3) Adding Lipozyme in feedstuff can lower the feeding cost. According to cost calculation of this trial, 15 RMB/t had been saved.


(4) Lowering the energy level for 50kcal/kg and adding Lipozyme 200g/t in feedstuff, the production performance of poultry can be improved, and the feeding cost will be reduced.


Specification and Usage


            Name                                                     Lipozyme
       Animal Type                                     Broiler,egg-layer and duck
          Usage Applicable to weanling piglet, piglet, poultry, aquatic livestock and ruminant etc. Recommended additive amount: 200g/T in complete feed. (GBT 23535-2009)


Usage is based on actual producing condition:


1,Direct adding:Add 200g Lipozyme per metric ton into complete feed directly on the basis of original formula.

2,Formulation method:Change the content of raw materials and reduce the metabolic energy (50Kcal) of formula, then add 200g Lipozyme, thus reduce the formula cost while equaling with or exceeding the feed effect of the original formula.



Package and Storage


Packaging: 25kg/ Kraft-bag or 20kg/paper barrel

Original package,store under sealed condition and less than 25℃ for 12 months

Avoid to be exposed to the sun, rain, high temperature and high humidity


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