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Food Grade White Alpha Galactosidase Powder High Activity 2000U/G

Food Grade White Alpha Galactosidase Powder High Activity 2000U/G

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    High activity alpha galactosidase powder


    2000U/G alpha galactosidase powder


    2000U/G alpha gal enzyme

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    Feed Grade
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    USD 1-10 per kg
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    25kg two layers polyethylene bag
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    3-7 working days
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    4000Mts per month

Food Grade White Alpha Galactosidase Powder High Activity 2000U/G

Food grade alpha galactosidase enzyme


After years research, α-galactosidase has been first developed and produced in China by Habio Bioengineering Co, Ltd, which can hydrolyze (break) alpha-1,6-glycosidic bonds in galactosyl oligosaccharides (alpha-galactosides), liberating usable simpler sugars, leading to eliminating its anti-nutrient effect in feed raw material and improving utilization of energy and protein of feedstuff.



α-Galactoside (such as raffinose and stachyose) is a kind of anti-nutrient factor that

exists in some plant seeds, whose content is highest in bean seed while lowest in

grain seed.



Content of α-galactoside in common plant feed stuff

Plant seed Raffinose(%) Stachyose(%) Total
Soy bean 1.21 4.22 5.43
Cottonseed 6.91 2.36 9.27
Peanut 0.33 0.99 1.32
Sunflower seed 3.09 0.14 3.23
Wheat 0.70   0.70
Barley 0.71   0.71
Corn 0.26   0.26

α-Galactosidase can digest anti-nutrient factors, such as raffinose and stachyose, and galactosidase. It can also hydrolyze galactomannans contained in bean gum with mannase to achieve synergy.






Broad rang activity High activity in the condition of pH3.5~6,37


Higher purity

Employing the production strain of leading position in international and standard process to ensure product quality


Higher activity

Using galactosidase gene with high specific activity and advanced liquid submerged fermentation to ensure high activity of product.


High temperature-resistant

Special post-processing technique keeps product high activity at 85℃.



Helping to liquefy the coffee gel in the coffee production process



Used in combine with mannanase for suggestion




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