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Cellulase Enzyme Feed Additive

Cellulase Enzyme Feed Additive

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    Cellulase Enzyme Feed Additive


    FSSC22000 Cellulase Enzyme

  • Product Name
    Effective Feed Grade Additive Cellulase Enzyme Powder/Liquid For Poultry Health-protection
  • Type
    Enzyme Preparations
  • Cas No.
  • Size
    100% Pass 80 Mesh
  • Application
    Feed Industry
  • PH
  • Temperature
  • Thermostability
  • Form
  • Activity
  • Color
    White To Yellow
  • Shelf-life
    18 Minths
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
    Feed Grade
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • Price
    USD 1~10 per kg
  • Packaging Details
    25kg two layers polyethylene bag
  • Delivery Time
    3-7 working days
  • Payment Terms
    L/C, T/T
  • Supply Ability
    4000Mts per month

Cellulase Enzyme Feed Additive

Effective Feed Grade Additive Cellulase Enzyme Powder/Liquid For Poultry Health-protection


Cellulase Enzyme Powder  Introduction


Habio cellulase was produced by Habio using modern genetic engineering technology, microbial (Trichoderma reesei) fermentation technology, and advanced post-processing techniques. It is composed of multiple ingredients and can degrade cellulose fibers to simple sugars efficiently, thus improving the utilization of raw ingredients, increasing the amount of unconventional materials, and reducing the cost.


Definition of Activity


One unit of cellulase is defined as the quantity of enzyme, which liberates 1μmol of reducing sugar from 4.0mmol/L sodium carbixymethyl cellulase substrate at 37℃ and pH5.5 in 1min.




Cellulase is a high-polysaccharides made of glucopyranose by β-1,4-glycosidic bond. Cellulase system consists of three major components: Endoglucanases (EG), cellobiohydrolases (CBH,), and β-glucosidases ( βG). EG acts on insoluble cellulose surface, breaks internal bonds to disrupt the crystalline structure of cellulase and expose individual cellulase polysaccharide chains, and makes cellulose chains hydration easily. CBH cleaves 2-4 units from the ends of the exposed cellulose chains produced by EG. βG hydrolyses the CBH product into individual monosaccharides. Through the synergistic action of above enzyme system, cellulose can be efficiently hydrolyzed to glucose.


Product Characteristics

  • It is produced by many second generation trichoderma reeseis that is transformed by Biological engineering technology, and it has a more reasonable enzyme system distribution, so it has more superior characteristic and stronger digestion efficiency compared with other cellulose.
  • Optimal genetic engineering strain, advanced production technology of submerged fermentation and unique post-processing ensure Habio cellulase high enzyme activity and good stability.
  • The optimal temperature is 60℃.
  • The optimal pH is 3.5-6.5;
  • Trypsin and Pepsin resistance: keep staying at Trypsin-Pepsin solution for 5.5 hours, the enzyme retention rate is 84.31%.
  • Good storage stability, convenient for transportation and storage.
  • Little affected by the metal ions and protease.

Table1. The Effect of Metal Ion on the activity of Habio Cellulase


Metal Ion Concentration C/mol.L-1 Relative activity/% Evaluation

























Note: + refers to activation; - refers to inhibition; 0 refers to no obvious impact (the effect on enzyme activity is within 10%)


Product Functions

  • Fully degradation of cellulose as oligosaccharides, reducing viscosity of chime;
  • Breaking the cell wall, releasing the nutrients, improving the nutrients digestibility ;
  • Balancing the intestinal flora, improving animal immunity, reducing the diarrhea rate;
  • Increasing the usage of unconventional raw materials, improving animal production performance, increasing customer benefits.




Type Activity
Powder 8,000U/g; 25,000U/g
Liquid 8,000U/mL; 15,000U/mL




Animals (1000U/g cellulase) Dosage in complete feed(g/T) Usage
Pig 100~150 Fit for all feed products(compound feed, concentrated feed and premixed feed)
Egg layer 100~150
Poultry 100~150
Ruminant 150~300


Package and Storage


Solid products: 25kg/Plastic woven bag.

Liquid products: 30kg/Plastic barrel.

Store in original package under sealed, room temperature condition for 12 months to solid form, and 6 months to liquid form (less than 25 ℃).

Avoid to be exposed to the sun, rain, high temperature and high humidity.


Cellulase Enzyme Feed Additive 0



Why Choose us?


1. Have cooperated with a lot of importers from 35 countries for more than 15 years.


2. Built the largest strain library in Asia, containing 64 genetic engineering bacterias of Hydrolyze.


3. FAMI-QS, ISO22000, HACCP, ISO9001, HALAL, Kosher are certificated, FDA registered.


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Technical Service


Offering glucose oxidase usage formula, enzyme activity test menthod and related product technical service to ensure the using result.