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Heat Stable Feed Grade Phytase , Bacterial Phytase 5000U/G For Poultry

Heat Stable Feed Grade Phytase , Bacterial Phytase 5000U/G For Poultry

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    Heat Stable feed grade Phytase


    5000U/G feed grade Phytase


    5000U/G bacterial phytase

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    White To Straw Yellow
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    ISO9001-2015, FSSC22000,FAMI-QS, FDA, HALAL, KOSHER
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    Powder and Granule
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    25kg plastic bags , 20/25kg fiber drums
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    L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T

Heat Stable Feed Grade Phytase , Bacterial Phytase 5000U/G For Poultry

Habio Phytase


Habio phytase can release inorganic phosphorus through hydrolysis of phytic acid, thus improving its utilization, decreasing the usage of inorganic phosphorus sources, and reducing the cost of feed formulas. Being a green, efficient additive of livestock and poultry feed, it could also reduce the phosphorus in animal waste emissions and protect the environment.

Habio adheres to the aim of "using science and technology to create a new elevation,” willing to provide our customers with safe, high-efficient feed additive products and perfect technical support, in the hope of bringing customer significant economic benefits.


Definition of Activity


One phytase unit (U) is defined as the amount of enzyme which liberates 1μmol inorganic phosphorus per minute from 5.0mmol/L sodium phytate at 37°C, pH5.5.


Characteristics of Phytase


1. Good flowability; easy to uniformly mix in feed processing.
2. Uniform enzyme activity, more efficient.

3. High stability, easy to transport and store.
4. Broad pH range of activity; the optimum temperature is close to animal body temperature.


Product Functions


1. Decomposing phytic acid of plant feed components, thus releasing inorganic phosphorus for direct utilization of livestock and poultry.

2. Decrease dosage of costly inorganic phosphorus and reduce feed costs and using space-saving formula to ensure or improve effect of breeding.

3. Promoting utilization of minerals, protein, and other nutrients to improve production performance of animals.

4.Significantly improving biological utilization ratio of dietary phosphorus and reducing the waste of inorganic phosphorus.



According to the different types of phytase, it is divided into four forms with different activity as follows:

Types Activity(U/g)




Liquid 5000U/mL~20000U/mL

Notes:Can be customized according to customer specifications for different activity.




Animals 5000U/g dosage in complete feed (g/T) Enzyme activity in complete feed(U/kg) Instruction
Pigs 100 500 Fit for all feed products (compound feed, concentrated feed and pre-mixed feed), mainly added in powder feed
Egg layers 60 300
Ducks, Broilers 100 500

Notes:theSpecific amount is determined by feed ingredients, processing conditions, expectations of the effectiveness and the cost of feed


Liquid Phytase


Advantages of Liquid Phytase

1.Negative effect of high temperature and humidity on the general impact of the substantial phytase activity during feed granulating process is completely solved.

2. Spraying evenly; dosage is more precise.

3. Premixing is not needed; time and manpower are saved; more efficiency.


Product Features of Liquid Phytase


1. Stable enzyme activity; the activity loss does not exceed 15% in 6 months (Table 1) at the storage temperature ranging from 20 °C to 25 °C.

2. High puritywith a maximum of phytase vitality.

3. Clear color without sediment and homogenous phytase activity in solution ensure that the activity can be sprayed uniformly in the feed.


Package and Storage for all products

Packaging: 25kg/bag or 20kg/barrel (liquid phytase: 25L, 50L plastic containers)

Store under sealed, room temperature condition for 12 months (less than 25 °C)

Avoid to be exposed to the sun, rain, high temperature and high humidity


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Technical service


Offering phytase usage formula, enzyme activity test method and related product technical service


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